Top 5 Books for CSAT Paper 2 of Civil Services Examination

We have already shared the books and strategy for CSAT paper 1, now will be covering the things for CSAT paper 2. Hope you are acquainted the syllabus of CSAT paper 2, if not download here. This paper consists of 200 marks and is not counted for the merit rank in prelims, but still, you need to qualify this paper and secure at least 33% of full marks.

The golden rule to crack this paper is the daily practice of at least 2 hours. If you can manage to devote two hours of on regular basis than this paper will not stop you to clear prelims in 1st attempt. Due to its qualifying nature, it is being neglected by aspirants and as a result, the pressure is mounted at the end of the exam. Please don’t develop such habits, because it is not the test of tricks but also of the speed and accuracy, which can be developed through the practice of the long period.

Well, there are many books available in the market which had covered the entire syllabus of paper 2, but we are going to recommend the best among them as per the syllabus.

Let’s start with the syllabus


If you look at old papers of CSAT 2, then you will get the idea about this topic. There will be high-level passages with questions. If you are reading newspaper and magazines on the regular basis than this topic should not concern you. But if you looking for the books to polish your skill then you can go for the following books

Interpersonal skills including communication skills

  • It is difficult to find a book on this topic as very few books are available for this topic, among them the most preferred one is Interpersonal and Communication Skills by Arun Sharma. This book is specially crafted for the Civil Services Preliminary Examination and based on the new syllabus.

Logical reasoning, analytical ability and general mental ability

Decision-making and problem-solving

  • Now for this portion, there are few books available in the market because this is a topic which you have to solve with your consciousness. Hypothetical questions with case studies will be provided and you need to solve those. It will test your way of thinking and intelligence.

Apart from that, there is a self-help book The Art of Thinking Clearly which will help you to think clearly about such type of situations.

General mental ability

Already suggested above

Basic numeracy (numbers and their relations, orders of magnitude, etc.) (Class X level), Data interpretation (charts, graphs, tables, data sufficiency etc. – Class X level)

As you can see in order to complete this section you need to cover two topics which are basic numeracy and data interpretation.

Let’s find out books for basic numeracy

  • To cover this portion Basic Numeracy for CSAT General Studies Paper II by Arun Sharma is a masterpiece. The book is sufficient to entirely cover all concepts of basic numeracy for your preliminary examinations. It covers the quickest techniques to explore the syllabus. The book is full of shortcut techniques. 

Let’s now explore the books for Data interpretation 

  • Data interpretation remains one of the most important yet often overlooked aspects of preparation. So if you want to develop grip on this portion then you must follow Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency by Ananta Ashisha. This book ‘Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency’ aims at guiding the aspirants of competitive examinations through all the basic as well as troubled areas of data interpretation and sufficiency and help to crack every type of problems with relative ease. 

So with this let’s sum up all important books for UPSC Prelims Paper 2, which you must buy to effectively cover the syllabus.

  1. Reading Comprehension for Civil Services Preliminary Examination (Second Edition)
  2.  Interpersonal and Communication Skills by Arun Sharma
  3. Logical Reasoning, Analytical Ability and General Mental Ability for Civil Services Preliminary Examination
  4.  Basic Numeracy for CSAT General Studies Paper II
  5.  Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency

If you are looking for all in one book to cover the syllabus of CSAT paper 2, then you must follow Cracking the CSAT Paper-2 by Arihant Experts has been designed with a whole new and polished approach after intensive analysis of the previous years’ examination pattern (2011-2016). The contents of this best-selling book have been re-strategized to equip the aspirants for the exam effectively and exhaustively.

Hope this compilation was helpful, if you feel something is then kindly let us know about the same.

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