Ancient Indian History Part – 1 PREHISTORIC PERIOD

The Pre-historic period can be classified as:

  • Palaeolithic Age – Old Stone Age (BC 1 0000 years ago)
  • Neolithic Age- New Stone Age (BC 10000 -BC 4000)
  • Chalcolithic Age- Copper Stone Age (BC 3000-BC 1 500)
  • Iron Age – Iron Age (BC 1500-BC600)

The era of some important events

  • The beginning of the Earth -4.6 Billion years ago
  • The appearance of man – 4000 years ago (Homosepians)
  • The beginning of the city’s -4700 years ago

Old Stone Age: (Palaeolithic Age)

  • They were nomad
  • They discovered fire by using the flint stone.

New Stone Age: (Neolithic Age)

  • The first animal they tamed was a dog
  • They used polished, carved, sharp stone weapons.
  • The wheel was invented.
  • Copper was the first metal used by them.

Places in India where the Old Stone Age tools were found:

  • Pimpet Ca, Mageshwa
  • Rajasthan – Luni Valley
  • Karnataka – Pagalkha
  • Andhrapradesh – Kurnool caves
  • Tamilnadu – Vadamadurai, Athirambakkam, Pallavaram, Kanchipuram, Vellur, Thiruvallur

Copper Age: (Chalcolithic Age)

  • They made tools out of copper as well as small stones.
  • They drew colourful pictures with geometrical patterns
  • The Harappan culture belonged to this age

Iron Age

  • The period, when the tools were made up of iron, was called Iron Age

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