Best Atlas books for UPSC (Geography) Prelims and Mains

Atlas play an important role at each level of preparation for UPSC Prelims and Mains. It helps you to identify places, accurate locations, latitude-longitudes and give an overall idea of India and world. There are lots of atlas in the market for UPSC preparation and you might be getting confused to pick the best one.

Best Atlas books for UPSC (Geography) Prelims and Mains

So in this article, we will suggest some of the best atlas available in market at lower prices. These atlas books are accurate and highly recommended by teachers and UPSC toppers.

1. The Orient Blackswan School Atlas with CD

This completely updated, comprehensive and user-friendly edition of The Orient Blackswan School Atlas brings the world closer to us through its maps and graphical representation of facts. The authoritative physical and political maps, as well as the maps covering climatic variations, geology, structure, soil types, vegetation and areas of human endeavors, such as agriculture, industry, communication and tourism, helps students understand the relationship between geographical features and human activities.

2. Oxford Student Atlas for Competitive Exams

The Oxford Student Atlas for India uses the latest state-of-the-art techniques to produce maps that are accurate and easy to read. It meets the syllabi requirements of various education boards in India. Thoroughly researched and up-to-date, this completely new edition of the atlas also caters to the needs of students preparing for competitive examinations conducted by the UPSC, State Public Service Commissions and other examining bodies.

3. India Map Poster

Geography is a subject that every student might not like but the maps are appreciated by almost all the students. As the visuals of a map have greater impact on the mind and also arouses their interest. They design their maps very beautifully and draw & color the map like perfectionists.

India Map is easy to learn. The map covers both Physical as well as Political features of the country. Thus it covers all the 29 states and 7 union territories in different colors as well as rivers, mountains, deserts, seas and plains. The different design and color help in quicker learning. The map can be easily found on Amazon India and delivered in 2-4 working days.

So above mentioned atlas are not only best in quality but also affordable. Hope you like this suggestion, for any quarries or recommendation let us know in comment section. 

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