Books for Compulsory English Paper-II of Civil Services Mains Examination

Paper-II Compulsory English of civil services mains examination consists of 300 marks and is of qualifying nature. In order to score good marks and qualify this paper proper practice and developing right techniques is necessary.

So in this article, we are going to suggest you two most important books which will help you to qualify this paper smoothly

1. Compulsory English – Solved Papers 2001-2017 for Civil Services Examination

The third, updated edition of IAS Mains Compulsory English contains the latest solved Compulsory English Paper of the 2016 civil services main examination. To master the rules governing the spellings of words, the chapter titled The Basics and the Rules Governing Spellings’ in this book would be an invaluable help. For developing a rich vocabulary, the chapter Indispensable Words and their Synonyms (Alternatives)’ would enable the readers to make a definite impact in their writing.

Salient Features
• Solved Compulsory English Papers of UPSC 2001-2016
• Solved English Papers of Indian Forest Service Examination 2013-2015
• Solved English Papers of IES/ISS Examination 2013-2015
• Two Solved English Papers of Punjab Civil Services Main Examination
• Chapter titled The Basics and The Rules Governing Spellings’ for improving grammar
• Chapter titled Indispensable Words and Their Synonyms’ for a rich vocabulary.


2. Descriptive English by S.P Bakshi 

This book has been designed for CSAT, Civil Services (Mains), PCS (Civil & Judiciary), IBPS, TGT & PGT (English) & various other competitive examinations. This book has been divided into 4 Parts – Part A: Writing Skills, Part B: Comprehension Skills, Part C: Grammar Skills & Part D: Verbal Skills. Part A has been further divided into Essay Writing, Short Essay Writing & Expansion Writing. Each chapter contains detailed theory including a number of sample examples in a simple & easier way to understand the topics well. Workbook Exercises have been provided in between the chapters for Part B, C & D. Answers for all the questions have been given at the end of the section.

Although there are many books available in the market these two are popular among aspirants and students. Hope you like this suggestion, if you want information like this for your preparation, then let us know in comment section.



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