8 Books for UPSC Prelims To Get Assured Success in IAS Exam

There are hundreds of books available in the market for UPSC Prelims Preparation. This might make you confused while selecting the right one.

So in order to solve this problem, we analysed the profile of 100+ successful IAS aspirants to find the most common list of books used by them.

After thorough research and filtering, we found 8 most important books recommended by IAS toppers, which is very helpful for UPSC 2020 prelims preparation.

Apart from the book list we also found some valuable insight into the preparation.

The most important books for UPSC prelims preparation 

Below we are going to share all the important books for preparation based on the official syllabus of UPSC prelims.

Current Affairs Books For UPSC Prelims 

For this topic, you have to follow any standard newspaper, such as The Hindu, Indian Express or Times of India. If you don’t have access to the newspaper you can also follow their website and be updated.

Current Affairs Books for UPSC Prelims

If you are confused with the topics and don’t know what to choose and how to choose than simply follow our current affairs compilation for UPSC 2020, this should give you a brief idea about the topics.

For Editorials, you should follow the Columns of C.Rajamohan, Brahma Challaney, Mihir Sharma, T.A.Ninan, Ashutosh Varshney, Shashi Tharoor, Srinath Raghavan, P.Sainath, Suhasini Haidar.

History of India Books for UPSC Prelims

History of India is a broad term, which means you have to cover Ancient, Medieval and Modern Indian History, Indian National Movement is also the part of Modern Indian History.

It also includes the culture and Society, for this, we have suggested 4 books. 

History Books for UPSC Prelims

India’s Ancient Past by RS Sharma – A very good book for ancient India portion UPSC prelims. It is the upgraded version of the old NCERT BOOK OF 11th which is discontinued. Many relevant questions (at chapter end) which were there in old ncert were removed. It Completely replaces the need to buy old Ncert.

A Brief History of Modern India (Rajiv Ahir I.P.S )– This is the best book for modern Indian history, Small in size, and Made only from UPSC point of view.

History of Medieval India – This is one of the worth reading books… Highly recommend for the students preparing for competitive exams.

Indian Art and Culture – This Book Is ‘One Stop Solution’ For Indian Culture, Language, This Book Is Of Great Help To Candidates Of Every Competitive Examination Whether It’s UPSC Or State PSC.

Indian & World Geography Books For UPSC Prelims

We think this one is simple to understand because syllabus has clearly mentioned the three important branches of both India and World Geography, apart from NCERT Books here, we have suggested 2 must-have books.

Geography books for UPSC Prelims

Certificate of P & M Geo – It’s an outdated book, with useful information, the reason for recommending this books for IAS Prelims is the foundation which it will provide, it’s up to you that how you are going to use it because the information is both factual and conceptual.

Wizard Geography – The best part of this book: it is so concise yet so complete and yeah, it is better than any Geography notes in the Rajendra Nagar/ Mukherjee Nagar market of Delhi, all the relevant facts, terms, data, concepts are summarised in an easy-to-remember format and this is indeed its forte. You just remember the contents you’ve read this book and that’s what needed in CSE Prelims. Don’t expect anything extra (like – conceptual clarity, pretty diagrams, etc – you’ll have to refer other books to them) and you’ll be satisfied.

Indian Polity & Governance Books For UPSC Prelims

For this you need to focus on two things, the first one is the static portion of Indian Polity and Governance, which can be covered with the help of books, which we have mentioned below. The second source will be current affairs for covering schemes, Policy & other Stuff, here also 2 books are needed for preparation.

Indian Polity Books For UPSC Prelims

Indian Polity 6th Edition – The book itself needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular and comprehensive books on the subject and has been a consistent bestseller for many years. The 5th Edition boasts off few important new topics and existing content has been upgraded.

Our Constitution –  The book, ‘Our Constitution’ by Subhash C. Kashyap is a book that gives the readers an ideal introduction to the Indian Constitution.  It is written in such a format that readers from all backgrounds will be able to understand the concepts effectively.

Economic & Social Development Books For UPSC Prelims

For this section, you need to be aware of all economic and development happening in India. Here you will be required the following study materials to keep track of all important happenings.

Economic and Social Development books for UPSC Prelims

NCERT Books – Download these books for clearing the concepts

Current Affairs – For this section, you need to follow news based on economic and social development, you should also focus on recent initiatives taken by the government.

Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh – Topics are well designed to cover the entire UPSC syllabus and it will also help in solving indirect questions asked in the exam.

Environment, Ecology & Climate Change Books For UPSC Prelims

For this section current affairs are really important, you have to pick up the popular and trending issues related to this topic from newspaper and work on those concepts. For covering those concepts and static portion NIOS materials will be really helpful.

Environment & Ecology Books for UPSC Prelims

Environment by Shankar IAS Academy    – This is a highly recommended book by IAS Toppers and also many coaching institutes. You should buy this book without thinking twice.

General Science Books For UPSC Prelims

For this portion again two sources are really important. First, one is NCERT books on Science & Tech and second on is Current Affairs. NCERT books will clear your basic concepts which you have already learned in the school. Current topics of science and tech will keep you updated on the happenings, which is really important for the examination.

Books For UPSC Prelims Buy Online 

Eng – Stands for the English version of Books & Hindi – Stands for Hindi Version of Books

List of Books for UPSC Prelims Link to Get it
India’s Ancient Past RS Sharma Eng – Hindi
Our Constitution Eng – Hindi
Medieval Indian History Eng –  Hindi
A Brief History of Modern India Spectrum Eng – Hindi
Facets of Indian Culture by Spectrum Eng – Hindi
Indian Polity 6th Edition Laxmikanth Eng – Hindi
Certificate Physical and Human Geography Eng – Hindi
Wizard Geography for General Studies  Eng – Hindi
Indian Economy (Ramesh Singh) 9th Edition Eng  – Hindi


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