NCERT Books On Geography (PDF & Hard copy) Class 6 to 12 For IAS Examination

For Geography, there are a total of 9 NCERT books from class 6 to 12, consisting of 1010 pages. NCERT books are highly recommended for UPSC Civil Services Preparation. It is one of the most authentic sources for preparation.


In this post, we have arranged to freely download PDF version as well as the to buy the hard copies from Amazon.

Geography NCERT Books PDFs For UPSC   Buy Hardcopies Online
NCERT-Class-6-Geography   Get Hardcopy 
NCERT-Class-7-Geography  Get Hardcopy 
NCERT-Class-8-Geography   Get Hardcopy 
NCERT-Class-9-Geography   Get Hardcopy 
NCERT-Class-10-Geography   Get Hardcopy 
NCERT-Class-11-Geography-Part-1   Get Hardcopy 
NCERT-Class-11-Geography-Part-2     Get Hardcopy 
NCERT-Class-12-Geography-Part-1  Get Hardcopy 
NCERT-Class-12-Geography-Part-2   Get Hardcopy 
Total Pages To Read = 1010  Total Cost To Buy hard copies  = ₹620

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