Worried about completing the NCERT for UPSC? Here is the way out


“So you want to finish the NCERT Books Civil Services Examination?”

Why despite knowing the fact that it is necessary to finish all NCERT books for UPSC Preparation most of the aspirants are not able to do so?

What if there was a way you could effectively cover all important topics of NCERT comfortably within a few days, how much time would you save as a result? Best way to deal with NCERT books for UPSC Preparation

“Look at the problems faced by most of the aspirants”

Problem no. 1 – When someone suggests you the book list 

Problem 2

Problem no. 2 – When you have started reading the books 

Problem faced by UPSC Aspirants

problem 2

 problem 3

“Do you face the similar problems?

Most probably yes, that’s why you are reading this article. Let us examine why it is difficult for most of the aspirants to finish the NCERT Books on time.

Number of Books –  There are more than 40 NCERT books from class 6th to 12th  which you need to cover. Practically it’s not possible to finish a book in a single day, probably it will take minimum 3 to 4 days.

Number of Days –  If you are covering a book in 3 to 4 days then to finish all books it would take 40 X 4 = 160 days approx

Enthusiasm and Energy –  Oh yes, in the beginning, you started well but with time it seems boring to you. Seriously after graduation again you are going to sit all day long with the school textbook.

In the next few days, you are feeling sleepy by seeing the NCERT books on the table. Then you will search the google How to study for long times without getting bored and it will redirect you to our website 🙂

Again you will pump yourself with motivational articles, videos and success stories and the cycle will continue.

No Time left for revision – Revision is the crucial part of the preparation, NO revision equals NO preparation.

Frustration at its best – Oh My God! three months passed and still I am stuck with NCERT Books when will I am going to finish the books suggested by toppers.

Language and simplicity of the book are not the problems, in fact, it’s too simple that you will feel sleepy after a few days 

” Is there any Solution?”

Yes, you can effectively finish all important topics NCERT Books on time without frustration, not only finished but also revised it for 2 to 3 times.

Civil services preparation is not only about NCERT Books, but You have to also deal with Current affairs, Prelims preparation, Mock Test, GS Mains preparation and also the optional subject along with Interview preparation.

So if you are able to effectively finish NCERT Topics on time then there will be plenty of space to manage other things

Getting started correctly is the most important part of the preparation, the chief thing to get done. Without it, your preparation is immediately placed in jeopardy.

As you know the NCERT books are going to lay the foundation for your preparation, then think how important it is to do it effectively.

In an effort to make it simple and effective we have compiled, processed and summarized the NCERT books in a way which will help in your preparation.

You might have read General Studies notes published on the website, which is not only compiled from NCERT but also from NIOS, Tamilnadu Board books, and other standard references.

To quickly cover up 40+ NCERT Books we have summarized all content of NCERT into 10 small books given below 

Top 10 Tips by IAS Toppers to Crack UPSC Prelims in 1st attempt

The best part about these books is that

    1. It is customized to meet the needs of UPSC aspirants.
    2. It will take around 10 to 15 days to comfortably finish the first round of reading, which means you can revise it again and again.
    3. After reading and revising the books, there is no need to go through NCERT books.
    4. It had covered all the important topics, which are frequently asked in the examination.
    5. We have compiled the data in points and structured manner, to make the learning process interesting.

” What people are saying after using the books”

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You may get these books separately here or choose the combo plan to get all books at the discounted price

You may also check the content of the books from the sample notes given below 

  1. Indian Geography
  2. World Geography
  3. Art & Culture
  4. Environment & Ecology
  5.  Modern Indian History
  6. Ancient Indian History
  7. Medieval Indian History
  8.  Indian Polity
  9. The basic concept of Economics
  10. Indian Economy

Combo plan of books

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