Practice 3500 MCQs based on NCERT books (class 6 to 12) for IAS Prelims

In order to simplify NCERT preparation for UPSC civil services examination, we have extracted 3500 MCQs from all NCERt books (class 6 to 12).

Practice 3500 MCQs based on NCERT books for IAS Prelims

These 3500 MCQs are divided into 35 full-length mock test

Each mock test will cover all five subjects (History, Geography, Economics, Polity & Science) from NCERT books. In every mock test, there will be 25 questions from each subject.

With the gradual practice of these tests, you can identify the weaker areas and improve your NCERT preparation.

After attempting the test, you can access all questions with explanatory answers. The explanations in itself contain lots of information from NCERT textbooks.

The mock test will be published on weekly basis on this website and it is starting from 1st October 2018 and will conclude on 27th May 2019, the links will be activated accordingly.

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