Preparation tips from IAS toppers of past 15 years

In this post we are going to share the key strategy of IAS toppers of the past 15 years, the data is being collected from their personal interview.

Preparation tips from IAS toppers of past 15 years

Preparation tips from IAS toppers of past 15 years

list of IAS Toppers of past 15 years

  1. Rupa Mishra (IAS Topper 2003 – 04)
  2. S.Nagaranjan (IAS Topper 2004 -05)
  3. Ms Mona Pruthi (IAS Topper 2005 – 06)
  4. Mutyala Raju Revu (IAS Topper 2006 – 07)
  5. Dr Karthik Adapa ( IAS Topper 2007 – 08)
  6. Shubhra Saxena (IAS Topper 2008 – 09)
  7. Shah Faisal ( IAS Topper 2009 – 10)
  8. S Divyadharshini (IAS Topper 2010 – 11)
  9. Shena Aggarwal (IAS Topper 2011 – 12)
  10. Haritha V Kumar (IAS Topper 2012 – 13)
  11. Gaurav Agrawal ( IAS Topper 2013 – 14)
  12. Ira Singhal (IAS Topper 2014 – 15)
  13. Tina Dabi (IAS Topper 2015 – 16)
  14. Nandini KR (IAS Topper 2016 – 17)
  15. Durishetty Anudeep (IAS Topper 2017 – 18)

Preparation Tips From Rupa Mishra (IAS Topper 2003 – 04)

Roopa Mishra attributed her success to her faith in God and handwork put in for around ten months. She credits her husband Anshuman Tripathy, parents, in-laws and teachers also for the same.

“Her husband is her friend and he initiated her into this system of examination,” she said. Anshuman Tripathy is a fellow at the IIM, Kolkata.

On her success in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)-conducted examination, Roopa Mishra said many factors went into making a person successful, but one mistake could make everything crash.

The topper said she had done very well in the exam, but didn’t expect to top the list. “It came as a bonus.”

Preparation Tips From S.Nagaranjan (IAS Topper 2004 -05) 

Getting familiar with old question papers of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC); understanding the question paper pattern, preparing a list of subjects or portions from which questions are asked; dividing broad topics of study for preliminary or main examinations; sharpening the art of note-taking and making precise presentations; and testing ability through mock examinations of one-hour duration before finally appearing for the examination and maintaining honesty at the time of interview.

Preparation Tips From Ms Mona Pruthi (IAS Topper 2005 – 06) 

Civil Service Examination is a test of patience. It requires a lot of scarifies and you are required to brave all adversities. You should trust yourself and God. Nothing is impossible in this world. With lots of hard work and determination, you can achieve what you aim for.

Preparation Tips From Mutyala Raju Revu (IAS Topper 2006 – 07) 

Believe in yourself. You are the creator of your own destiny as Vivekananda said. Don’t give any attempt without preparing seriously and don’t Change your optional subject frequently.

Preparation Tips From Dr Karthik Adapa ( IAS Topper 2007 – 08)

Just be yourself! The more artificial you are, the more you will struggle. While preparing, ‘studying’ newspapers is the ultimate thing. I read The Hindu, which is by far the best newspaper when preparing for the Civil Services Exam. While preparing, don’t merely ‘read’ the newspaper, ‘study’ the newspaper, just like you would a textbook. Underline, make notes, analyze, draw some conclusions, discuss.

Preparation Tips From Shubhra Saxena (IAS Topper 2008 – 09)

It is more about the quality than the numbers of hours one puts in. To succeed, she adds, one doesn’t need to devote 15 to 18 hours a day. If you over exhaust yourself in the initial three months, you won’t be able to sustain the energy and enthusiasm for an entire year or two.

Preparation Tips From Shah Faisal ( IAS Topper 2009 – 10)

I would like to point out that civil services are not the end of the world Your preparation should be such where if you are not able to make it to civil services, the knowledge accumulated for preparation should help you in any sphere of life. ‘Except the best but, be ready for the worst.

Preparation Tips From S Divyadharshini (IAS Topper 2010 – 11) 

Believe in yourself and have confidence. Be sure that hard work and perseverance will always give what you deserve. I used the internet as an important source of information, you can get the latest information and in-depth analysis on the net.

Preparation Tips From Shena Aggarwal (IAS Topper 2011 – 12) 

Confidence is the biggest factor in this examination. Choose quality over quantity. Make schedule as per your comfort level and stick to that.

Preparation Tips From Haritha V Kumar (IAS Topper 2012 – 13)

One should not get disheartened and must work with dedication and determination. Instead of studying for a certain number of hours, I divided the syllabus into parts and decided how much I would cover each day. For the interview, discussions with my friends at the National Academy for Customs, Excise and Narcotics helped a great deal. It is imperative to have a lot of writing practice before attempting the mains. Finally, one should not allow anything to be a roadblock that prevents you from reaching your goal. One has to overcome such hurdles and for that a family’s support is crucial.

Preparation Tips From Gaurav Agrawal ( IAS Topper 2013 – 14) 

There were days when I studied all the subjects every day and there were days when I studied only one subject for weeks. That really depends on the kind of interest one can generate. For preparation, first I joined some coaching institutes but later I realized self-study was the best option.

Preparation Tips From Ira Singhal (IAS Topper 2014 – 15) 

Preparation for civil services examination is all about smart study, more observation, and analysis that actually gathering stuff and reading from 5,000 sources. More observation and analysis that actually gathering stuff and reading from 5,000 sources. People who look at clearing civil services as a matter of life and death need to move beyond it. It will be tough for them to clear it if they think like that. There is life beyond these examinations.

Preparation Tips From Tina Dabi (IAS Topper 2015 – 16) 

Tina Dabi, 22, graduated from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi. Tina was born in Bhopal and studied from Carmel Convent School there. Dabi said she wants to work for women empowerment in Haryana. “I always wanted to work in a challenging state. That is why I chose Haryana. We all know the sex ratio of girl and boy child is quiet less and that is why I would like to contribute my efforts to the empowerment of women there”. Tina’s father Jaswant is a serving IES officer. “It is the best day of my life,” he said. “Women empowerment is very important. I have seen how my mother has brought up me. It is because of her guidance and support that I could get top position in the test,” Tina said.

Preparation Tips From Nandini KR (IAS Topper 2016 – 17) 

Nandini KR was born and brought up in the Kolar Gold Field of Karnataka. She did schooling from St. Joseph Convent Girls High School. She had decided to become an IAS officer during her school days itself. It was natural for her to not look for a private job after engineering and rather start preparation for Civil Services. In between, she had also worked for Karnataka PWD department as an engineer. It should be noted that Nandini has done B. Tech (Civil Engineering) from prestigious M S Ramaiya Engineering College, Bangalore.

Nandini cracked Civil Services Examination in her third attempt in   CSE 2015. However, her rank was not good enough and she was allotted Indian Revenue Services (IRS). She joined IRS without compromising with her preparation. This year she appeared with better preparation and the result justifies her hard work.

Preparation Tips From Durishetty Anudeep (IAS Topper 2017 – 18) 

Durishetty’s marks are the highest by an all-India topper of UPSC CSE in the last 5 years. Here are the marks scored by UPSC toppers in the previous 4 years. Anudeep’s father is an Assistant Engineer with the TS Transco, while his mother is a home-maker. This is his fifth attempt at Civils. He qualified the examination with Anthropology as his optional subject. Anudeep prepared without any major assistance from any coaching institution. He worked with Google in Hyderabad before he got into IRS. Anudeep is a sports-lover and likes Tennis and Football.

Hope you find it useful, and it will help in your preparation.

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