Things you should know before IAS preparation

Preparation for civil services examination is a long-term process, so it’s better to understand the system before you start the journey. In this write-up, I have pointed out the crucial aspects of this examination.

About the exam

  • You might be thinking how to become IAS officer and browsing the net to know more about this. Well, let me tell you can become IAS officer by clearing an exam, officially known as Civil Services Examination which is conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). This is an annual exam and lakhs of aspirants appear for this examination.
  • IAS, IPS and IFS are among the popular choice of aspirants but there are many posts which are also filled up by this examination.
  • Among lakhs of aspirants only thousands make it to the final list.

Educational Qualification 

  • Minimum educational qualification for appearing in this examination is graduation from any stream, you just need to be a graduate of any Indian University of course of legitimate one.
  • These minimum educational requirements with lucrative opportunities make this examination a popular choice among youths and also intense the competition.

The process of examination

  • You might have heard people saying “UPSC is very tough examination first secure your career then prepare for this examination” or “first you should try SSC and Banking then try for this”.
  • There are very few people who will suggest preparing directly for this examination. Well, logically there argument is valid because it’s a long-term examination as you can see below.

ias exam infographic

* This year prelims will be conducted in the month of August 

  • So you need to qualify at three different stages in order to succeed in this exam, it might take two years of your career.
  • If you fail at any of these levels then you have to start it all again. You will also not be granted any certificate or recognition for clearing any of these levels.
  • The success rate is also very low, I am not discouraging you for this examination but putting some facts before you are ready to appear in this examination.

Right time for preparation  

  • Generally, people start their preparation after graduation, some prefer to join coaching institute and some start of their own. Now among them, some will do full-time preparation while some of them will settle with part-time preparation. There is one more category of students who have are doing it from 1st year of their college, may be because they do not want to invest an additional year with coaching or self-preparation.
  • Frankly speaking, there is no right time, it’s all about you and your passion for this examination. You can make hundreds of plan or schedule but without passion, all will go in vain.
  • So it’s up to you that when you are thinking to prepare for this examination, ya but you should also keep in mind the age limit.

Quick tips for preparation 

For full timers 

  • Now you know the whole process of the examination, let’s say if you are preparing full time after graduation, then keep in mind the exact time period which you are willing to devote for this examination.
  • 1 year time is more than enough to complete the syllabus after completion of the syllabus your priority should be the revision and update the current affairs. Don’t try to add new things in your system.
  • After 1 year of full preparation try to continue with your job or any project.
  • Only preparation is in your hand, not the selection so be ready with alternative carrier options.

For part-timers 

  • If you are doing part time preparation then it might take 2 years to complete the syllabus, there is nothing wrong with it.
  • Your hard work and patience will not go in vain, all you need is consistency.
  •  At least devote 4 to 5 hours a day for preparation. I know it’s difficult but the reward will be delightful.
  • Make sure you have proper schedule, strategy and study materials. You should not waste your time in collecting the materials and changing the strategy.
  • You have to act more and think less, then only you can manage to clear this exam.

For college students 

  • I have come across many college students who are preparing right from 1st year, that’s good but don’t ignore your studies over preparation.
  • You have to be balanced, first priority should be college studies then preparation
  • You have 3 to 4 years in hand for this examination, so if you can manage 3 to 4 hours on the regular basis that would be more than enough.
  • But again don’t get too excited for preparation, keep the focus on your studies.
  • At this age, most of the students are overenthusiastic and sometimes they commit blunder with their career. So be calm and keep going.

I hope this write-up was helpful in understanding the different aspects of the examination. Let me know your doubts and suggestions. All the best 


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