Top 10 reasons for not clearing the Civil Services Examination in 1st attempt

We analyzed the profile of more than 50 successful aspirants, who cleared the exam in 2nd or 3rd attempt this year. Finally, we found 10 most popular reasons for not clearing the exam in the first attempt here is the list:

Lack of Continuity & Consistency

It’s not necessary to study 10 to 12 hours each day if you can manage 4 to 5 hours on the regular basis that is also sufficient. So be consistent

Guessing Options randomly

While answering the prelims papers it’s not good to make assumptions, make sure you know the answer than only attempt it.

Weakness in quantitative skill

Although CSAT paper 2 marks will not be added to the final one, but don’t take it for granted. You may practice it less productive hours

Not taking the break while studying

Studying for longer hours is not a bad idea, but you should take short breaks, actually, our mind can’t focus on something for more than 45 minutes. That’s why most of the periods/lectures in school and universities are of 45 minutes. So its good to take the break for 10 to 15 minutes while sitting for long sessions.

Not able to manage Mood swings and distractions

It happens after intense study sessions or sometimes short breaks become longer ones, but you have to be disciplined and organised. Whenever you are feeling bored with studies then try to do your favourite things as it will give you satisfaction and happiness but surely no frustration.

Lack of introspection

Your problems and weakness are yours and no one can better understand the same, try to get it solved by yourself. Think, ask & analyse you will surely find the way

Looking for expert advice everywhere

This is the biggest problem of most of the aspirants, one should follow one genuine strategy, tips or advice.  Don’t waste your time in developing strategies after strategies just stick to one and do consistent hard-work for the same.

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Not practicing answer writing

In mains, it is required to write quality answers, so you need to practice it on the regular basis otherwise, you will not be able to clear this exam.

Insecurity about profile

Actually, your past doesn’t matter, seriously after clearing prelims and mains you have already proved yourself so why you are worrying. Even candidates with the good profile are scoring poorly in interviews.

Not getting support from family and friends

Finally, this one is the biggest hurdle, everyone is not financially secured or have full family support. Even if you start your preparation than also there will be tremendous pressure on you and this might affect your preparation. So better be prepared to face these hurdles and get ready for an adventurous journey to civil services examination.

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