Top 10 Tips by IAS Toppers to Crack UPSC in 1st attempt

UPSC examination, which is generally considered the most difficult in India, can be cleared in the first attempt. But for this, a high quality preparation will be required, if you aim to crack it at first time. UPSC conducts exams every year. But few are able to clear it. However, with the suggestions given below, you can join the list of successful candidates only in the first attempt.

Be prepared:

It only makes sense to understand. With a calm and quiet mind, you will be able to prepare for the UPSC exam in the best possible manner. Apart from this, the curriculum prescribed by the UPSC for the Civil Services Examination is vastly wide and is diverse to the extent that it is not uncommon to be too unnatural for any talent to think too much to move ahead with the preparation of the exam. The vast curriculum that seems to cover everything under the sun.

What will happen if you are already employed or have any other duties or responsibilities for the shoulder? In that case, how would you manage enough time to study the course? By all means, it is best that you think the best possible way to prepare for the UPSC exam within the time you live in your disposal.

Study one topic at a time:

Do not remove your focus from the topic you are studying at that time. Before you have read two hours before, there is no use to calm your mind with those thoughts.

It is best to focus on the subject that you are studying for attaining such a concentration and focusing on the subject (as you need to study in different letters and course subjects). You think that would be appropriate.

After this, get the appropriate IAS study material. Or if you have joined a coaching center or are planning to join one, read the material for the exam preparation. However, you can read the study material in addition to the content provided (if necessary).

Now start preparing for your IAS examination while studying one subject at a time. Focus fully on what you are reading. Remember that your concentration should not be folded.

Follow a time table:

It is always advised to create a time table and follow it honestly. As already mentioned above, you may already be employed or can fulfill a few other responsibilities. Or are you still completing your graduation (can say in the last year)? This is who knows and understands how much time is spent on different activities in your daily activities.

Therefore, manage your time by creating a time table so that you can prepare for the exam adequately for each day. Once you create a time table, you should discipline yourself to follow it with all your heart.

Do not deposit a pile of books on your study table:

Remember that this is the quality rather than the quantity that really matters. It is best to study as per the syllabus and to read some of the books. By collecting a pile of books you will not enough time to read the entire contents.

Do not wander from the syllabus:

Remember that UPSC has set a course for the IAS examination and you have to prepare accordingly. Although it is understandable that you may find a particular subject or topic more interesting than others, but it should always be kept in mind that it will not be in your interest to wander or turn aside from the course. It will only result in a waste of your time and effort.

Take some time for interactive study:

Although paying attention to reading is highly recommended, you can still ask a few questions or you may like to remove some doubts in your mind during the preparation of the exam.

It explains why you need some time for interactive study. If you have enrolled yourself in a coaching center, then the faculty members will be there to solve your questions and to overcome your doubts. However, if you have opted for self-study, seek advice from those who have already cracked in the UPSC exam, can help in your preparation.

Discuss and debate with those who have already met the UPSC examination and fellow aspirants can be highly productive and qualitative. It is bound to equip you with different approaches. In this way, it will speed up your skills in answering question papers in the examination.

Remember that in addition to your knowledge of the subject, UPSC will assess your approach to visualizing various issues, that is, how many analytical, aware and alert you are! These are all such qualities that increase the capacity of an administrator! And do you not aim to complete UPSC exams at once and join the Indian Administrative Service?

Therefore, the group should not refrain from discussions. Spending some time for interactive study, you can get long-term help to prepare for all stages of the UPSC exam including preschool, men’s an interview.

Often self-assess:

If you have joined an IAS coaching center, then there is a possibility of organizing a mock test in your faculty and evaluating it as well. This will give you a fair share of ideas that you need to focus more on the areas of preparation.

If you have opted for self-study, you can use the online test series to self-assess. The evaluation of your exam series is likely to help you prepare for a further examination.

Apart from this, the more you judge yourself through the test series and counterfeit tests, the more confident you will feel when facing the exam. And no one should forget that self-confidence is trust in yourself, you can crack in the first attempt only when you really believe that you can do it!


While preparing for the examinations, modification to remember whatever knowledge and inter-related information has been received is one of the best possible ways. And repeated revisions will help you to perform better.

Otherwise, by using the book, reading books, surfing the Internet, visiting through newspapers and magazines, participating in group discussions, participating in the Mock Test and the Mock interview and / or solving the online test series, and not What to do if you have done the study of the question paper in UPSC Examination?

Therefore it is advisable to amend it and modify as much as possible. Amendments should never be taken lightly.

Do not be too hard on yourself, be realistic:

Although it is true that you are aiming to crack the UPSC examination in the first attempt, and it requires a lot of hard work to prepare for it, it is only prudent that do not work hard on yourself and become realistic. It is to say, some time left for myself.

Do not bury yourself in books (though the UPSC course is quite vast) or turn into a recluse. Eat and sleep on time. By taking some time to relax and sleeping 8 hours every day and taking nourishing meals on time, you will get refreshing and you will study yourself better the next day.

Solve the questions papers of previous years:

Although you have made amendments as often as possible and have answered the Mock Test and Test Series, the fact is that it is important to solve the question papers of the previous years. Solve them again and again. It will not be enough to do this once. It gives you clear information about how any kind of reduction in your preparation for the exam can be compensated.

Finally, you have to crack the UPSC exam. So, what are others doing or doing, there is no point in doing this, even though some of them are toppers themselves. It is only reasonable to note that although there is no harm in listening to someone to advise you, this is who knows what is best for you.

For example, do not select an alternate topic because a topper has done so! What if you do not have any background or interest to study the subject? Make your choice, but after considering all the professionals and the opposition carefully.

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