Top 4 All In One Book (GS Manual) For IAS Prelims Paper 1

Top 4 All In One Book For IAS Prelims 

Earlier there used to be fewer options for GS Manual and it was easy to opt the right one. But now there are hundreds of Manual available in the market for IAS Prelims and you might get confused while choosing the best one. In case you don’t know what is GS Manual then let us tell you that it’s a thick book (manual) covering all important subjects in concise language. Basically its all in one book for IAS Prelims paper 1

So in this article, we will suggest you the top 4 GS manual which you can use for UPSC prelims preparation.

1. General Studies Manual – Paper 1 by Arihant Publication

Top 4 All In One Book (GS Manual) For IAS Prelims Paper 1 

This is the most popular GS Manual and also get updated yearly. It is helpful for civil services as well as state PCS examinations.

Key features 

  • Covering basic information about all subjects important for civil services.
  • With lucid language, the book has covered the syllabus in a systematic approach.
  •  It also contains past questions analysis and statistics, strategy, notes, mock tests for prelims.
  • It also provides a revisionary book and an Encyclopedia CD along with the main book.

Top 4 All In One Book (GS Manual) For IAS Prelims Paper 1 

This manual is divided into 6 separate books, which makes it handy to read. The contents are presented in a well-structured and lucid manner along with topic-wise solved previous years’ question papers.

Key features 

  • Topic-wise solved previous years’ question papers
  • Over 7000+ multiple choice questions
  •  Content supported with illustrations, tables, info-boxes and maps
  • Free colored maps of India and the world

Each volume contains 

  •  Vol I: General Knowledge and Current Affairs
  • Vol II: Indian Polity and Governance
  • Vol III: Indian Economy: Economic and Social Development
  • Vol IV: Geography and Environmental Ecology
  • Vol V: General Science
  • Vol VI: History and Culture

Top 4 All In One Book (GS Manual) For IAS Prelims Paper 1 

Mc Graw Hill is the most trusted brand in terms of GS manual for UPSC preparation, it is Revised and updated every year with the latest developments and events in every field. The GS Manual has served as a complete self-study guide for thousands of civil services aspirants for the past 34 years.

Key features 

  • Each subject has been developed by a specialist trained in teaching that subject
  • The multiple-choice questions have been accordingly framed as per the UPSC syllabus
  • The section on Current Events of national and international importance have been updated until July 2017
  • The manual is systematically structured by treating each subject
  • Relevant information is organized in such a way reader don’t face difficulty.

4.General Studies Paper I for Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2018 

Top 4 All In One Book (GS Manual) For IAS Prelims Paper 1 

This book is compiled by reputed authors such as  Majid Husain,‎ D R Khullar,‎ N K Bajaj, N D Arora, Ashok Kumar Singh. This revised, updated and enriched manual General Studies Paper – I come with a host of features that will considerably equip aspirants preparing for the civil services preliminary examination in 2018.

key features 

  • The Current Events section has been considerably enriched and updated supported by carefully selected 70 MCQs with the explanation. This is in line with the trends of the 2017 Preliminary paper.
  • A new section titled Latest Schemes and Policies of the Government’ has been introduced. It schemes/projects like UDAY, MUDRA, Mausam, Jan Dhan Yojana, etc.
  • The traditional sections like General Science, Indian Polity and Governance, Economic and Social Development, Environment and Science and Technology have been updated with the latest developments and new MCQs added wherever relevantly.
  • The History of India section has been enriched with elements of Indian heritage and culture. 
  • Solved Preliminary Papers 2011-2017 with explanatory notes 

Although these books are sufficient for GS Paper 1,  you still need to read it carefully as there are factual errors. It is advisable to go through NCERT books before touching this book.

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